At The Law Office of Georgina Garcia, you receive one-on-one counsel from a criminal lawyer with over 20 years of experience. When you are facing criminal charges, you need more than just a law firm — you need an ally, an advocate and a counselor who is willing to dedicate the full time and attention your case deserves. Learn about attorney Georgina Garcia's background by visiting the link below:

Whether you are issued a traffic ticket, are pulled over for drunk driving or are accused of much more serious crimes, we vigorously defend your rights until the very end.

Guiding You Through Every Step Of The Legal Process

Few things are as frightening and confusing as when you are accused of criminal charges. One misstep and you could put your future and your freedom in jeopardy. This is why attorney Garcia prioritizes accessibility and open communication throughout your case, walking you through every step that you need to do so you can rest easy. Whenever you have a question, we are one text, call or email away — always ready to answer.

An Ally For Immigrant Families Across Texas

As a criminal law firm, we understand the devastating consequences that criminal charges can have on your immigration status. Attorney Georgina Garcia offers services in Spanish, and is passionate about offering Hispanic and immigrant families across the Dallas region the comprehensive criminal defense representation they need.

We care about our local Hispanic communities and will work with your immigration lawyer when necessary to protect you and your loved ones from deportation and other threats to your immigration status.

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