While a criminal conviction can have devastating effects for anybody in America, it can be even worse for legal permanent residents and those who are undocumented. The Law Office of Georgina Garcia offers dedicated criminal defense for U.S. immigrants, working through not only the details of their unique criminal cases, but also protecting their ability to stay in this country after the case is over.

A Custom Defense For Every Client

We formulate a unique defense for each and every client that we represent. No two cases are the same, so no two cases will be treated the same. We take nothing for granted. Every possible detail is investigated, researched and analyzed. Our main goal is to tailor a defense that suits your specific needs — we even work with your immigration attorney to ensure you receive personalized and comprehensive support.

Georgina Garcia is a licensed criminal lawyer who has over 20 years of experience. She uses proven defense strategies to get your charges significantly reduced or dismissed, so you and your loved ones can continue to live your lives here. You shouldn't have to worry about deportation and other consequences to your immigration status; our firm will fight to keep you out of jail and keep your record clean.

We Care About Helping You And Your Family

Our law firm has significant background offering immigrant families in Texas compassionate legal guidance when they need it most. Attorney Georgina Garcia has worked on behalf of Catholic charities on a pro bono basis to protect those in our local Hispanic communities from the harmful effects a criminal conviction can have on their ability to stay in this country. She has also helped a wide range of her clients retain their visas and avoid deportation following their criminal cases.

Let us help you. Learn more about our services by calling our Dallas office at 214-531-6629, or by reaching us online.