At The Law Office of Georgina Garcia in Dallas, we take your freedom very seriously. When you, a relative or a loved one is arrested in Texas, our goal is to help you get you or them out of jail as quickly as possible.

Attorney Georgina Garcia works to post your bail bond so you can go home. While you may have to wait up to 48 hours to receive a set bail amount, we can often facilitate your jail release much sooner than that if you need us to.

In cases where you have already had a case dismissed or received probation, we also provide expungement and non-disclosure services. This is just part of our firm's dedication to providing comprehensive representation after an arrest or post-conviction, so you can get back on your feet.

Posting Bail Bonds To Get You Out Of Jail Quickly

The bail bond process can be very frustrating to navigate alone. After someone is arrested, they will often have to wait for an "arraignment hearing" where the amount of the bail will be determined by a judge. The hearing is usually conducted within 48 hours — and until then, they will be stuck sitting in a jail cell with others who have been arrested.

Once the bail bond amount is set by the judge, we can help you post bail so that you or your loved one is released from jail as quickly as possible. We will only charge you a percentage of the actual bail bond amount.

If you or your loved one is stuck in jail without bail, our office can help you get a bond set immediately by posting an attorney writ bond. An attorney writ bond can be extremely helpful if the person in jail needs to get out of jail immediately and can't wait the possible 48 hours for an arraignment hearing. A writ allows for an attorney to get a bond set prior to the arraignment hearing.

The Help You Need, When You Need It

As a licensed criminal defense lawyer with the capability of providing bail bonds to clients, Georgina Garcia has the skill and insight to help you through every aspect of your criminal case. We understand that most people are at a loss for what to do once arrested and our firm is prepared to walk you through the process.

Georgina Garcia can do more for you than a licensed bail bond company — she is also a licensed defense attorney who has been defending Texans for over 20 years. When your freedom is on the line, she's the one you want at your side

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