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What's The Difference Between Theft, Robbery And Burglary?

There are various different types of property crimes in Texas, each ranging in severity. If you are not careful, what seems like a small shoplifting charge may be escalated to a robbery charge. But what is the difference between theft, robbery and burglary in Texas?

  • Theft involves stealing someone else's property without their permission. Penalties for theft depend on the value of the property stolen.
  • Robbery is essentially theft with the added layer of harming or threatening to harm the person you are stealing from. While causing serious injuries to the victim will increase penalties for this crime, the simple threat of violence is enough to escalate the case to include robbery charges.
  • Burglary involves breaking into someone else's building or home with the intent of committing a felony. While this felony is often theft or robbery, it could also be assault or any other felony in the state of Texas.

Without experienced representation, you may find yourself facing steep penalties for crimes you may have not even committed. Our law firm walks you through every step of your case to build a solid defense that protects your rights and gives you the best chance at a positive outcome.

Has Your Child Been Arrested For A Theft Crime?

Our children are always getting into trouble. Something as small as a shoplifting charge can have a permanent impact on their future. And our law firm is here to help you protect their rights and give them the best chance at finding a brighter path. No matter the severity of the crime, attorney Georgina Garcia offers the support you and your family need in this difficult time.

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