Violent crimes carry hefty penalties in Texas, usually depending on how much damage they cause the victim. In some instances, suspects may be wrongfully accused of these crimes — and unfortunately, suspects are often treated as though they are guilty from the moment these accusations are made.

The Law Office of Georgina Garcia is committed to defending the rights of those accused of these crimes, and ensuring that every person receives fair treatment under the criminal justice system.

We Will Vigorously Protect Your Rights

From the moment you enter our office, you receive personal legal counsel from criminal defense lawyer Georgina Garcia, who walks you through every step of your case so you can work toward the best possible result.

With over 20 years of experience, Ms. Garcia is committed to providing the quality representation that those in our local Dallas communities need when they are charged with violent crimes such as domestic violence, assault and battery.

Ms. Garcia is also passionate about representing Hispanics, immigrants and Spanish-speakers across the region, and offers her services in Spanish for your convenience. You should never feel helpless due to a language barrier; trust in our law firm to stand by your side.

One-On-One Guidance From An Experienced Dallas Defense Attorney

Whether you don't know what first steps to take in your case or you simply need help filling out legal paperwork, we prioritize communication and accessibility. Georgina Garcia is always a call, text or email away, and promptly responds to all of her clients' concerns. You will never feel lost as you try to work through your criminal charges, as you will always have a dedicated ally to help you along the way.

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