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How will a DUI impact student visa status?

Many students from other countries choose to study abroad or attend college in the United States. To do so, it is likely that you will have a non-immigrant visa, in order to stay in the U.S. temporarily. If you find yourself in a situation where you are charged or convicted of a DUI, how will it impact the status of your visa?

Getting charged with a Dui is not uncommon in the United States. In fact, over 100 million individuals report that they have driven while under the influence. While facing DUI charges for a US citizen is tough, it can be even more challenging for an international individual. International students with F1 visas can face serious consequences when charged with a DUI.

When is probable cause applicable?

One of the more controversial areas of the law for many Texans is when a police officer can search their car. While you do have the right to refuse consent to their searching your car, there are other circumstances where the court can find it okay that they do so. If they do not have a valid search warrant on you, most officers defend their actions through probable cause.

Probable cause is when the officer has good reasoning to search your vehicle for any illegal substances or potential weaponry. The justification has to be solid. They cannot simply search your car out of a hunch. As a Texan, it is crucial for you to understand when officers have probable cause -- and when they do not.

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