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Hate crime refuted by criminal defense in spite of video

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. With so many smartphones with cameras in use today, more and more alleged crimes are being captured on video. In a recent case in Texas, there is a legal dispute regarding the nature of a recent reported assault that was captured on video. The woman in the video alleges that the attack was race-related, which is disputed by the accused's criminal defense attorney.

On the video, the man can be seen pulling out a gun and attempting to knock a cellphone out of the woman's hand. She later claimed she was attempting to call 911. There is no record of that call being made. She also did not make reference to any racial comments being made in her original criminal complaint.

Good deeds and their impact on drug crimes

Drug overdoses and deaths from overdose are beginning to decrease in Texas and around the country. However, the problem remains a serious one. When someone is overdosing, a person who is present may fear calling for help because of the risk of oneself being charged with drug crimes.

There are bills in the Texas legislature that would help protect people who call to report an overdose or who assist in providing clean syringes. The bills would help to protect the callers from prosecution if they were acting to save a life. There are similar laws in effect in other states and are known as good Samaritan laws. Where they are in place, overdose deaths have dropped by as much as 15 percent over the past five years.

Drunk driving laws are getting tougher

In Texas, as in most other states, the effect of drunk driving has been catastrophic. Drunk driving accidents devastate the lives of individuals and families every day, and law enforcement is vigilant about preventing drivers from getting behind the wheel after drinking alcohol.

If you are facing charges for driving while intoxicated, you may already be feeling the heavy pressure of the penalties you could face if a court convicts you. This is because nearly all 50 states are making it tougher on those who drink and drive. While you certainly understand the reason for these stricter laws, you must also face the fact that your life could change from this moment forward.

Crash on wet roads results in need for DWI defense

The increased traffic on area roadways contributes to the likelihood of a serious accident in Texas. Weather can add to that danger as can be seen by the increase in the number of accidents when roads are wet. A recent accident sparked a chain reaction crash that ended with one person dead and another person focused on preparing a DWI defense.

The chain reaction crash began when a driver lost control and skidded into a wall. As the car was careening out of control, the driver who was later arrested for driving under the influence collided with that car and was in turn hit by another vehicle. A passenger in the car that was first hit was thrown from the vehicle and died as a result of his injuries.

Possible case of drunk driving ends in car fire

Drinking and driving is not a good idea. While this is a widely accepted belief, DWI accidents are still frequent occurrences in Texas. Facing charges for driving under the influence can have serious ramifications on a person's life. A person who is suspected of drunk driving following an accident in Houston may be looking for a DWI defense.

Very early on a recent morning a man lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a concrete pillar of an overpass.  The vehicle burst into flames following the crash. The man, who did not appear to have suffered any injuries, got out of the burning car and fled on foot.

Alleged robbery suspect may need criminal defense

Being charged with robbery in Texas can be cause for alarm on many levels. What are the long- and short-term implications for one's future? What does it do to one's employment options if one faces jail time? What are one's rights while facing the charges? All of this and more may be going through the mind of a man in the Fort Worth area who is suspected of having robbed an area home and may be in need of a criminal defense.

A suspect who was allegedly armed is suspected of robbing a house on Melanie Drive in Fort Worth and returning to rob the same house again the next day. The homeowner apparently interrupted the thief the first time though evidence reportedly shows that the burglar was in the house for about an hour and took numerous items, including clothing and electronics. The burglar reportedly fled in a gray sedan when the homeowner returned but allegedly returned the next day.

What to do if you are accused of domestic violence

Families get into disagreements sometimes. Sometimes arguments become heated. The next thing you know, you see flashing lights through the window and hear a stern knock on the door. It's the police, and they say they're responding to a call about domestic violence.

This is a harrowing situation that happens to thousands of people each year. It is important to know how to respond when you are accused of domestic violence. A charge and possible conviction can lead to considerable jail time and hefty fines, as well as difficulty finding work or even less time spent with your children.

Morning raid results in charges of drug crimes

The ongoing drug crisis in Texas and around the country continues to be a focus of police in their ongoing effort to combat the problem. During a recent raid in Houston, police claimed to have found over $10,000 worth of drugs and weapons. They also made multiple arrests that resulted in charges for alleged drug crimes.

Early on a recent morning, Houston police and members of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms executed three separate warrants on an apartment building in Houston. The officers allegedly found 10 firearms and a significant quantity of illicit drugs that were not identified. In addition, the police claimed to have found a vehicle and a substantial amount of currency.

Charges of drug crimes put coach's life in limbo

The national drug crisis continues to be an issue of major concern to the residents of the state of Texas. A recent arrest of an assistant San Antonio area high-school basketball coach has probably done little to quell fears that the problem continues to grow. The coach who was arrested is facing charges for drug crimes and other charges.

The coach was initially stopped on suspicion of a DWI. After being charged with the DWI, a further investigation allegedly revealed that he had dangerous drugs in his possession and was also carrying a weapon that he was reportedly not legally entitled to be carrying. Following the arrest, he was released from Bexar County Jail after posting bail.

Holiday celebrations may lead to need for a DWI defense

New Year's Eve is frequently referred to as amateur night. This is in reference to the increase in the number of drivers who may go to New Year's Eve parties and partake of alcohol at levels they are not accustomed to. People are not always aware of the impact that alcohol can have on their ability to drive safely in Texas. Sadly this can result in tragic accidents that can leave one in need of a DWI defense.

An accident occurred about 6:45 a.m. on New Year's Day when a vehicle driven by a woman from Fort Worth struck another vehicle from behind on a ramp going from U.S. Highway 287 to Interstate 20. The impact from the crash reportedly caused the other car to be pushed into a concrete pillar. The driver, a man from Arlington, did not survive the crash.

She went above and beyond for me and got my charges dropped. She’s upfront on everything tells you what must be done and does even more. Super friendly very easy to cooperate with. Wouldn’t want any other lawyer then her. She’s truly the best.
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