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What happens if my kids are in the car during a DUI?

A driving while intoxicated (DWI) charge comes with major consequences: financial, legal, personal, and professional. A DWI can happen all too easily, especially during this time of year. Perhaps you met up with family or friends visiting from out of town and stopped for a drink. Afterwards, you picked up the kids and started for home, thinking you were perfectly fine to drive. Before you know it, the police are behind you and you are being pulled over. A sobriety test follows. To your shock and horror, you tested above the legal limit. What happens to your kids?

Holidays and need for money can lead to drug crimes

The drug problem in Texas shows no sign of receding. With the arrival of the holiday season the potential for what some regard as easy money may be too great a temptation to resist and charges for drug crimes can result. A recent undercover investigation has led to charges of drug possession, intent to distribute, identity theft and counterfeiting of money.

The investigation took place over several months and during that time undercover officers claimed to have made several drug purchases. The information garnered from the investigation led to a warrant and a search of a home in Nacogdoches County. As a result of the search, officers reportedly found methamphetamine, allegedly fraudulent documents, as well as what appeared to be counterfeit money hanging to dry. A shotgun was also reported to be among the items seized.

DWI defense needed due to DWI charge while driving a scooter

Stand-up scooters are becoming popular modes of transportation for short distances. In Texas, the scooters can be considered vehicles, and operating one while intoxicated can result in a DWI charge. In the event that this occurs, a person may need a DWI defense.

On Halloween, a man was driving a Viza Viper 33cc scooter when he reportedly crashed it outside of a restaurant in South Austin. Police were called after the reported crash and found the man a short distance from the restaurant. The employees had offered to call the man a cab, but he refused and reportedly fell off the scooter and almost hit a passing vehicle. The police administered a field sobriety test and asked the man what time he thought it was. He responded that it was 3:30 in the morning, but it was actually about 8:00 in the evening.

Mental health can be a factor in violent crimes

The killing of one human being by another, unless in self-defense, is a crime in Texas and elsewhere, of course. While this is widely accepted as a true statement, there are extenuating circumstances that may impact a sentence imposed on a person found guilty of violent crimes. Chief among these is the presence of mental illness that can prevent a person from understanding the nature of the crimes committed.

A Fort Worth man is facing the death penalty for the murder of a gas station attendant. In an appeal of that sentence, it was stated that the man had suffered from a lifelong battle with mental illness. He was said to have suffered from schizophrenia that caused hallucinations and delusions of snakes and demons surrounding him and invading his body.

Temptation of easy money can be a lure for drug crimes

The allure of easy money in the drug trade can be very seductive. If a person lives in desperation in Texas and thinks he or she has nowhere to turn, the temptation of easy money in the drug trade can be hard to resist. This may have played a part in the arrest of two people now charged with drug crimes in the Dallas area.

Two people were recently arrested and charged on suspicion of being involved in the drug trade. The two were charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a controlled substance and meth trafficking. In addition one was charged with illegal possession of a firearm.

What happens when you get a DWI in Texas?

If the police arrested you for a DWI, you are not alone. The CDC reports that police arrested over one million individuals  for impaired driving in 2016. If this is your first DWI, you may not know what the consequences are. What penalties will you face after a judge charges you with a DWI?


Remorse considered in DWI defense

Drunk driving continues to be a problem in Texas. It is a tragedy when people die as a result of someone else's driving while intoxicated. While there is no question that death caused in such a way is tragic and horrific for the families and the loved ones left behind, it can also be a harrowing experience for the person charged and who has a right to a DWI defense..

In a recent case in Lindale, a woman pleaded guilty to charges of killing two people while she was driving under the influence. She pleaded guilty to the charges but requested a jury hearing for her sentencing. The sentencing portion of the trial began recently.

Recent arrests near Cleveland result in drug crimes charges

The drug crisis in Texas and around the country continues unabated. Recent issues have revolved around illegal substances being smuggled into local jails and sickening employees and inmates. A recent case in Cleveland that resulted in arrests for drug crimes is one example.

Four people were arrested on a rural property near Cleveland. The arrests followed a lengthy investigation that allegedly ties the four to recent drug smuggling activities. Drugs found at the jail were said to have come from the property. The four suspects included two men, ages 17 and 57, as well as two women, ages 21 and 47. The four face a variety of charges, including manufacturing and intent to deliver a controlled substance.

Suspected gang members entitled to criminal defense

Gangs and gang-related crimes are no strangers to Texas. The gang known as MS-13 is perhaps one of the better known organizations. Five men alleged to be part of the infamous gang were recently arrested and are suspected of being involved with the robbery of a Dallas clothing store. The five may wish to explore their options for a criminal defense.

The men were arrested by the FBI and charged with multiple counts of robbery, conspiracy and weapons violations. One of the five reportedly admitted to being the leader of an MS-13 sub-group, also known as a clique, called the PLS. Conviction on the above charges could result in life sentences in prison for each of the five suspects.

How will a DUI impact student visa status?

Many students from other countries choose to study abroad or attend college in the United States. To do so, it is likely that you will have a non-immigrant visa, in order to stay in the U.S. temporarily. If you find yourself in a situation where you are charged or convicted of a DUI, how will it impact the status of your visa?

Getting charged with a Dui is not uncommon in the United States. In fact, over 100 million individuals report that they have driven while under the influence. While facing DUI charges for a US citizen is tough, it can be even more challenging for an international individual. International students with F1 visas can face serious consequences when charged with a DUI.

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